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LISTER1970 - beware of this cheat

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it's a shame that people cant play the game without cheating, but unfortuantly i have came across a 3-0 cheat within 15 games of playing the game. basically what they do is somehow crash your screen then message you telling you they have quit, and rebooted thier computer, you obviously then must reboot your xbox 360 to play another game of pro evo because they have crashed your game, so i did this and got a 3-0 defeat against me, as i said its a shame that some players cant play the game well enough to win properly and fairly, but if you see this gamertag on pro evo dont play him because he will cheat again

i messaged the guy 5 times, and he didnt reply once after he had been granted a 3-0 win

remember the name LISTER1970


2 August 2003
its not like that at all it just the clock counts down... and says there still changing there settings... if u wait long enought when they get bored it will say they have quit and won by default... id leave my 360 on a month if i had to so theses cheaters cant win
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