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Hey all,

I am set to start a new football site where i am looking set to setup up some football forums. I am on the lookout for people who maybe interested in helping me out, currently the site gets 3,000 unique visitors a day which maybe not as much this site but its a good start.

If anyone is interested in being an admin or moderator at the site and they can post a lot regulary along with helping out in other areas, then get in touch with me. If you have the same plans as me in getting the forums to be succesful then also get in touch. I am also on the look out for news writers, if you could do this to help out that be superb too. I am looking for people who would really go that extra distance to help out.

I hope this ok to post by the admin team.

Get in touch with me over a pm here, or give me an email at: fazsmithy@mailcan.com

Thanks for your time
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