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Madrids New Signing.....


League 1
25 September 2003
Nothing has changed, we are just signing players for their
image and celebrity!

You may all think that we have signed the talented youngster
Marcelo from Fluminese but you would be wrong in thinking this.

Calderon's plan is simply to try and transfer a current fan base
to one of Madridistas'

Let me elaborate, in today's day and age the demand for reality
shows is still great although everyone I know personally hates them.
Back on my point, reality shows like Big Brother, X-factor, Pop Idol
are top of many viewing charts all around the world and the public
often grow very attached to many of the contestants.

This year in X-Factor, where you watch it or not, you probably will
have heard or seen of Ashley MacKenzie. There was a ridiculous
amount of press coverage in the UK over him getting voted off, so
I'm guessing Calderon saw this and thought he would take advantage
of it.

I believe Mr. Calderon is in fact trying to turn these crazed Ashley fans
into Madrid fans :blink:

If you've read this far I'm sure your either in firm agreement or wondering
if I've gone off the deep end or if I'm just having a laugh....

Your question will soon be answered when I reveal how Calderon has
managed to pull the wool over all our eyes and left us one left back down
and one more star to add to the pile.

Well it is my firm belief that we have not in fact signed Marcelo

but in a cruel twisted signed Ashley from X-Factor

Is this what the future holds for Madrid?



Beaten by Chris Wright
5 January 2003
I love the way the comic genius that is roofio86 put his own make believe smiley, :sofunny:, at the end of his post, just so we could be certain that this was in fact a joke.
To the untrained eye, his post could've been easily mistaken for an actual piece of news, as it's such a fantastic work of spoof which I feel can only be rivalled by Chris Morris.
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