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Marvel Ultimate Alliance


21 March 2004
Man Utd
Anyone got this? I just got mine on 360 but haven't played it yet.
It is also out on the Wii now, anyone know how it uses the Wiimote in the game?


Kick. Snare. Hat. Ride.
5 August 2002
Southend Utd
Yea, I thought it was pretty good on the 360. Bit samey, but loads of Achievements available and the multi-player is pretty cool.

I've also got a Wii and been thinking of getting that version too - the ad video makes it look better than it is though. I can image using the wiimote/chucks a bit of a nightmare to do all the moves, as inticing at it would seem!


Champions League
20 June 2005
North America
Legia Warsaw
The wii version is better visually. i only say this because i feel the graphics are too shiny in the 360 version that it distracts from the action along with the view being top down the wii version is less "detailed" yes BUT it this imitation that makes the action visisble on the character more.

many peopel whould disagree but I like the wii version more
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