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7 August 2005
i found a lot of bugs in spanish comments,

some times the commentator talk about a goal, but you are 0-0 tie

or wen the match finish with 0-0, the comentator say you lose

Fernandez/mascherano commentator issue, is another bug


27 October 2006
ya that's right, sometimes when the match is 1-1 the comentator says that you are wining 2 0 :S

There are many busgs in the spanish comments


Serie C1
6 June 2006
Cosenza 1914
you're lucky,the italian commentator use sentences like "goodnight and see you for next match" when it's 20' in the 1st half or "now it's 5-0,will they score another goal for their fans?" or "what a match!And now it's 4-4!" while the score it's 0-0.....:lmao:
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