Master League Online


League 2
22 February 2006
Ajax & Barcelona
Hey guys,

I'm not so fimilliar with the ML online. I see in the option in Master League that you can make a ML for online play. Now I play online alot but I never saw anybody play with there ML or any sign that there is a ML. Am I in the wrong section online or is it just a big mythe this ML online. Thnx.....


11 October 2005
Well,you have a ML cup online who started 02:00.
There you can play with your Master League team.


3 September 2005
the most ridiculous thing is that when you play with a master league team online, none of the stat development is there, so if you buy a rubbish player and spend 10 years making him good, then save your team data and play it online, his stats will be what they were when you bought him. Another stupid thing is you cant choose your opponent, it just finds one for you. each time i've tried its given me a major lagger or someone on the other side of the world. good idea, pathetic implementation :roll:
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