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messi vs robinho


Champions League
8 August 2003
Tough to call as messi doesnt really have much first team football Barcelona! Well Robinho is now a full International!


League 1
14 August 2003
All I've seen of Messi is that goal for Barcelona. It was well taken, but other than that it didn't show me the Messi that everyone is raving about.

To be honest it might take some pressure off Robinho to have that wonderkid in Barcelona who everyone is saying is better. It might also provide some impetus to prove them wrong also.

Personally I think they should be judged when they've both played at the top level for more than a year. Messi won't get that at Barcelona though.


I have seen Messi play about 5 games and i have seen Robinho play a few more than that. It's hard to say at this point because much of Robinho's play was against the Brazilian league teams, and it can be hard to judge the quality of the non-powerhouse teams there. Further, i have seen messi in one game for Barca and a few for the U20's of Argentina.

From what i have seen, Robinho is better when it comes to one on one ball skills and breaking past a defender in order to create space. He has also demonstrated a solid sense of vision in being able to find his teammates and know where they are.

Messi, on the other hand, IMO, is better at taking the ball in traffic and suddenly charaging up the field and carving/slashing through defenses as a whole. There were some moments in games where i was left thinking, "How the hell did he get from point A to point B so effortlessly?"

I think we'll see more Messi this year but not as much as Robinho. All i know is this rivalry of RM-Barca just got alot more interesting with two of the best young talents in the world.


1 September 2003
Messi will be a very good Argentine International.

Robinho will be a very good player period.

Robinho will be better in his prime than Messi in his prime.


League 1
8 July 2005
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Both of them are brilliant players but the only difference i can deduce from them is that Robinho is more of an athlete (eg. quicker, stronger and agile) yet Messi is technically more astute and talented in terms of passing, crossing and shooting


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13 July 2004
Robinho has already won trophies both with Santos and Brazil. Messi has yet to prove that he is so good playing at top level.


13 May 2003
Man Utd
Personally i think Robinho will be a legend. messi ive not seen much but have heard glowing reviews and hes only 18. but when you have fabio capello saying that messi is the most extraordinary talent he has ever seen then you have to think wow! coz lets be honest capello knows his stuff and when he says something like this about a player you have to take notice coz he never really comments on players abilities or you dont hear much (well i have not heard him describe players as he has done here) and this guy has managed Roberto Baggio, Totti, Van Basten a long list of legends so he must see something in messi. i agree with some of the comments made earlier that robinho is already a full international and a first team regular but the future is bright for both and the more of these players that come through the brighter the future for football and us as we will see better quality players.


it is hard to say,but i think Robinho will be a very very great player.
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