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missing players and ML question


15 August 2003
Germany - Soester Börde
FC Schalke 04
does anybody have a list of the players which were in WE9 but dissappeared in pes5 (like Kleberson: manu - besiktas, marlet: marseille - wolfsburg, etc...) or does anybody know a page where i can find those players ??


does anybody know where i can find the REAL names of the ML-DEFAULT players ????


Greek God of Football
10 November 2003
Washington DC
Olympiacos & Inter
i think he means their original names, i.e. Valery instead of Valeny, etc.

these are the old ones, i dont know about the new ones like Dodo

Kelsen--> Kelsen
Ivarov--> Ivanov
Zamenhof--> Zamenhof

Valeny--> Valery
Vornander--> Vorlander
Dulic--> Ducic
Cecio--> Cecil
Edingson--> Edington
Nachdegal--> Nachtegal
Stremer--> Stromer

Espimas--> Espinas
Minanda--> Miranda
Ximelez--> Ximenez
Macco--> Matt
Iouga--> Iorga
Celnili--> Cellini
Harty--> Harty
Ostwaut--> Ostwald

Castolo--> Castoro
Barota--> Baroja
Burchet--> Burchet
Huylens--> Huygens
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