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New ladder to battle with PC players


15 November 2004
Hi guys,

I would just like to advertise our little site called Pes Ladder. We have made a completly new site that now only supports pes6. On the site, you can play ladder games, in the knowledge that you wont get cheated.

We have 4 ladders on one site:

1v1 seasonal:

This is a ladder that will reset every month and give out medals to the winner, runnerup and third place. This will last over the pes6 year

All time ladder:

We will track the stats of a player over the entire pes6 year. This will show at the end of the year, who is the best ladder player.

2v2 ladder:

Play in our all-new 2v2 ladder. You are not restricted to using the same partners.

Guild ladder:

Join a guild, start a guild. The guild ladder is when 2 different guild members battle it out, all for virtual cash for their guild.

Please give us a try. If your an old member, we would love to invite you back.

Thanks for reading </spam>


EDIT: this is for ps2 and pc players
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