New Site - Lets you create your own leagues in Pro Evo & Video and Audio chat :)



Hi Guys,

I've been working like mad for the last month or so to create a site that allows people to create their own Pro Evo league competition. Well, it's finally pretty much done, so I thought I'd post in here and a couple of other Pro Evo forums to let people know about it. Hope that's ok :)

It works like this: When somebody creates a league, he instantly becomes the league admin for that league. League admins are responsible for settling disputes between players if people argue over results etc, and can kick & ban players from their league. They can also add passwords to their league so only people they know can join.

The home player always posts the result, as this prevents the chance of two people posting the same result at the same time.

We also have a chatroom on the site that features video and audio chat. Come and have a look. Hope you like it.

I've added a few pics here to show it off. I'm going to be working on the graphics a bit more soon, as they're still a bit basic, but hey, at least the system works :)

Pic of a league in progress:

Pic of 'create league' screen:

Pic of chatroom:

Feel free to check it out, and even create your own league if you think you can dedicate enough time to being a league admin.

Hope you like it :)


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20 March 2005
Erm, it's still 'moses' here... for some reason I can't login with that username.

Yeah, the leagues are all online. Players can meet in the chatroom on the site, and we play games inside Lobby 5 on the Konami server.
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