Official Pro Evolution Soccer 6 DEMO Revealed


13 February 2006
Göteborg, Sweden
IFK Göteborg
plz admin ban this user.. posts like these are so stupid.. cant see what drives people to pest this b...shit. There are only pictures at this link. DONT try to register a user, its a waste of time.


6 August 2003


12 December 2005
Well, Angel777, in case you didn't know him, he is a guy who's doing affairs with this game....He's selling pes patches on his website....At least there were great works but those patches are really suck.....


18 July 2005
All the patches are free in my Site.

And the images are of 90% final Pes6 , no demo, it runs on a VIP party in Milan, sorry for this, but this is the truth, can understand or not, it's not a my problem, i only post and upload it in my site.

Unfortunately Many Pes users have Big problems with their head.:roll:


Allez les Lionceaux !!!
12 September 2002
As a matter of fact, there is a demo.
In the Belgian OPM there was a dvd with amongst others the PES6 demo.
You can play one half with 5 teams: Italy, France, Brazil, Spain and the Czech Republic in a spectacular new stadium.


23 October 2006
I want is knowledge of links download and no supposed pictures of the demo! that demo nor pc version he is... and yes of xbox... then ess post this in the wrong place.
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