ONLINE - Improving your connection?


3 September 2005

myself and a mate of mine play online (PC) but he only has a yellow arrow next to his name when i click on him. Can this be improved by him/me in any way to avoid the lag we usually get??? when i play anyone with a green arrow, i usually have no lag probs

when playing i always quit any programs in the background, but he's keen not to turn off his Virus Protection...could this be working against us?

any help would be great



3 September 2005
mine's 1Mb, and his is 6.5Mb(!).

I take it this massive difference is the reason we get lag?? Is there nothing we can do to improve things...? I'd like to upgrade my connection but can't afford it



19 March 2006
To be honest 1MB should be fine mate, especially in the half that he hosts as 6.5mb is quite a lot. My you and your mate should do a search for adware? That can cause a lot of lag.


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21 February 2003
It's the upload of each person thats more important than download speed. What are your respective upload speeds?


3 September 2005
i think mine might be "Up to 256Kbps" according the the NTL website, but dont know what his is. I imagine more than mine if his broadband is better!


19 March 2005
I have 100 mega and every one in west europe see me in red as I see them in red arrow too , people from est europe are in yellow to me and people from japan (like me) are in green with absolutely no lag . so the distance has an important role :(


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30 April 2006
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here are some ways you can increase your speed

*stop streaming porn
*get your friend with the higher upload to host and make sure he isnt streaming porn
*dont use any memory hungry programs
*make sure he has a decent video card that can run teh game
*make sure you have a good video card too so you wont lag


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1 May 2006
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I;m currently on 2mb should that be quick enough? [I'm getting that skybroad band if they do it in my area i'm getting 16MB :D]


3 September 2005
cheers i will tell him to quit with the porn and see how we go. He says he's not porn-hungry but i know the truth. He appeared GREEN once last week and i got all excited, but the next night he was back to yellow...bah!


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23 October 2004
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I think you should close down as many of your progs down as possible before you play online. The best way to do this is use a freeware program called smartclose (google it, I'm too lazy) which keeps only essential programs running whilst remembering your settings before using. Simple!....and because its freeware, no nag screens! Hope that helps.


22 December 2003
all two opponent players must have this software installed; the software must be shaped for "Favour Ping Time" and for PES5.exe/WE9.exe priority during online, and it take some day of connection to be excellently balanced:

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