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Online points scoring


26 November 2005
Wtf is going on with the online points scoring system?
Can anyone explain to me how it works i'm getting confused, i beat someone 4-3 and it was displayed on my record as a draw but i still got loads of points then beat them again 7-0 but got virtually no points at all. what is going on?



14 October 2004
I had the same thing today... i played 6 games, won 4, lost 1 and 1 draw and the diplay said i had 2 wins, 1 loss and 3 draws...pretty shitty if you ask me


League 2
3 May 2004
Depends on your division and rating.

Example im in D2 i beat a D1 player and get 15 points, he beats he gets 4.
If i beat someone in 3a i get 7,3b i get 4.

The rating comes into it too not exactly sure yet what the exact number is.



26 November 2005
cheers for that m8 i see
Makes sense stopping top players just drubbing the noobs to get more points
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