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online suckage


4 August 2003
Heading Shooto!
Bought the game today; longtime WE/PES fan butonly played against a couple of mates so Im not great against human.

Played 9 games and lost 7 of them, drew the other 2 :D

My first game wasnt too bad - I was wigan and the other guy was Barcelona. It was 0-0 until about 80 mins but i managed to loose 3-0.

My last game I had to pause on 88 mins for a phone call - I made my excuses at 2-1 up and when I returned to my PC it was 2-2!

Anyway - im sure I will improve and already Ive played some superbly fun games - even tho I liked WE10 I was put off a bit from PES6 after playing the PS2 version but the PC version is pretty good (and I have a PS2 to USB converter)

I notice people do certain plays that are likely to get them a goal rather than just playing for laughs but I suppose its just everyone wants to win rather than have a bit of fun! ;)

I dont really get the etiquette as to how to start games - I ended up replying to people spamming to join their room or just clicking on quick start :(


3 September 2005
well, it took me a week of playing just to get used to all the changes and adjust to the new gameplay. I couldnt play online during that time because the servers werent operational when the game was launched.
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