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Patched pes6 gameplay is faster?


League 2
11 May 2006
After applying jayz pes6 kit patch,the gameplay has been increasingly faster than before,its like a pinball for me,does anybody experiencing something WEIRD in terms of gameplay after patching? I also use dummy file when burning the iso to dvd


League 1
4 February 2004
mrshah said:
After applying jayz pes6 kit patch,the gameplay has been increasingly faster than before,its like a pinball for me,does anybody experiencing something WEIRD in terms of gameplay after patching? I also use dummy file when burning the iso to dvd
I agree there is something wrong. I used nero to make the iso. My problem was When I first got my PES6 the gameplay took a few games to get used to it and after that I thougth it was a pretty alright game. I played about half a season in the english league and every thing seemed fine. Then I decided to put in some patches and other things like the old traford, faces and balls I had from WE10 plus backround pictures, music, chants and other graphics. All went in ok, the game started and nothing froze, everythhing seemed normal. I did n't think anything about it at the time but looking back I stoped playing the english league because I felt the game had started to get to much of an arcade feel by this I mean faster more like playing on 60 hertz with a 50hz tv, the 50hz played more real and the when I played on 60HZ with the patched game it was even worse. At the time I thought it was just because I was getting used of the game not expecting that it was the patched version. After this I started up a masterleague on prof mode with Man U match mode players (Rooney, Scholesy etc). From the offset this was very headwrecking it had the same gameplay issues as playing the English league with the patched game but I thought this was as my players might have to get use of each other (Gain more teamwork)but this got even worse, most games were 1 0, 2 1 the highest scoring was 2 2, by the end of the season the gameplay just got ridicules.
An example of this was the difference of playing West Ham and Arsenal.
On top of the league with 5 games left I played West Ham. They were unbeleiveable. Now Teddy Sherinham is one of my heros so it was good to see him playin well but I had played against players and teams with way better stats but these guys played like the brazil of old with Teddy playing as good and as fast as Pele. Saying this every time i got the ball the player could n't pass to a player right beside them and even in front of goal with a simple tap in put it miles over, lost 3 0 . Played arsenal in the last match of the season with the title on the line my players passing , tackling etc just as bad as before but won 1 0 because Arsenal played just crap Henry playing with grace more like john hartson than than the world class player he is. I thought they would play better seems as it was such an important match but terrible.went on to play 3 games in prof and 3 in normal the normal was even harder than the prof gameplay just f**k'n crap (sorry about the cussin but it just makes me so mad)Then tried startin a new masterleague with my players have abilities put up by 10 same crap even with put up players. Then my brother sugested starting a masterleague with the orignal Konami disc to my amazement the gameplay was 100 times better so good that i have just uped the level to prof again and I am actually having very good games now, put in the patched game and back to the same old crap.Even if people just think im imagineing the thing about the game play when i play a match with the patched game in the masterleague after the match some players abilities don'tgo up at all and the others go up slightly, but when i put in the origanal game all the players abilites go up more and the ones that did go up in the patched game go up more. I have tested this over a few games playing with patched game crap game play playing with orignal game good game play plus fairer refs and the stats go up better.

I wondering if anyone had the same problem or someone had a solution because even with the better gameplay I still miss the look of the patched version, so if anyone has any ideas or solutions help would be greatly welcomed. Plus sorry about the big post but I had to try to explain what i was on about.

Back in pes 4 when I started a masterleague with the patched version most players could only play about 2 matches without being wrecked, but when you started it with the orignal players only got tired when it came up to cup games. With this in mind I was wondering could konami have a program in the game were if the orignal is not used the gameplay deteriorates, again sorry for the long post and the rambling
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