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PC PES5 League


7 May 2003
Hi fellas

this is the new league from the same team that brought you evoleague.net

Only this time its bigger and better.....

PES Stuff

Only Gamertag league available. Other inferior leagues make you play as crap teams.
League is Skill Based. Not who gets the best team
Duplicate teams allowed (3 Man Uniteds , No problem. Its skill based )
PC/XBOX/PS2 Leagues available.
Over 350 satisfied members from Evoleague!!

We also run a poker league and poker information site so get in there



15 January 2003
Newcastle United
i was in Evoleague last year and i can PROMISE this is a great league. The league is well run and everyone on there is very competitive and serious about the league.

needless to say i have signed up and i hope to see many more Evowebers on there!
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