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People with the game...please help...



Is there any way in the master league that you can get players you want before you start as in the older versions of the game?

In last one I could edit my master league team kit and players before I started. I like to do this so me and my kids can choose our fave players and just play head to head instead of having to go through a whole master league....

Thanks for help


I guess I should have mentioned it was for the xbox360 pro evo 6.

Got the reply I was after tho :(



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1 May 2006
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Argh i liked that mode to! Konami stop selling this crap! fgs i'm 15 years old it took me ages to save up for a x box 360 for my fav' game pes and when it finaly comes it looks like i wasted alot of time saving! :((
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