People you dont like to play against


4 August 2003
Heading Shooto!
What gets your goat?

Im not talking about the obvious moaners, cheaters, cutbackers ;) - just what sort of thing do you hate when playing online?

- People who dont talk at all, even when you wish them luck/congratulate their efforts
- People with preset phrases for when their favorite scores, e.g "FANTASTIC GOAL!....HIS NAME IS ETO'O"
- People who skip past all your near misses and goals
- People who dont read the name of my room
- People who run round the stupid keeper


League 2
22 December 2005
-people who slide you all the time, get 6 yellow and 3 reds and then still win
-preset phrases fucks like O MY GOD WHAT A GOAAAAAL after a silly cutback
-People who watch their replies entirely, even if they are shit, and then skip mine
-People who defend with 10 men all match to get a draw


Krèg ut zuâh!
3 August 2004
- people who swear, it's just so stupid and not necessary
- people with 'gamer' approach instead of 'football' approach


Harvester of Sorrow
24 September 2003
Manchester United
i cant help swearing when playing thats why my headset is never turned on lol


18 November 2003
People who play with the big teams and you know there are other teams too
People who cutback all the time
People who talk about please do extra time blabla


4 August 2003
Heading Shooto!
Add to this

People who hack you to death in the second half when they are winning and you are in a good position (typically the ref wont even give a free kick for a red card last man tackle)


League 2
13 August 2003
-People who only gets Brazil
-People who only slides for stopping your dangerous attacks
-People who passes the ball in their area between the defenders and the goalkeeper only to spend time for defending the result.
-People who only scores or try to make the same goal.(Play with 3 forwards,Come to sideline of the penalty area.Pass the ball to someone in )
-People who disconnects after 2-0 or 3-0
-People who swears without a reason or other foolish messages.


League 2
6 August 2005
People who - Accuse you of lagging AFTER you score in the 70-90 minute.
- Have presets calling you 'lucky' every time you score.
- Spend the whole game giving you abuse and then ask for a rematch.
- Refuse to take 'no' for an answer when you don't want to play because they have 1 or 0 bars.
- Have 'hahahaha' presets and use it at every opportunity.

That will do...for now.


5 December 2004
- Preset messages
- Hackers (as in people who hack you down in no attempt for the ball, if it's a genuine attempt then it's conceding a goal REALLY that bad!)
- People who don't read the feckin room name.

<The Milkman>

People from other nations lagging up the English servers.
People who choose using cutbacks as their only attacking method.
People who refuse to pick small teams.
People who intentionally disconnect.
People who beat me... :lmao::lol::8):


League 1
18 June 2006
People that come in my room and not participate just are in the room doing nothing!
People that choose the same team
People that typt on every goal : Lucky lucky lucky


League 2
6 August 2005
People who - create a room and then just sit there doing nothing while people try to participate.
People who - Just spend the whole game hacking your players,using slide for every tackle.
People who - Take the game too seriously and throw their toys out of their prams when they lose/are losing and boot the ball into their own net,as if to say 'you only won 'cos i scored 7 own goals'.
People who - Call themselves,for example - Celticbhoy,Liverpoolguy,Superspurs etc,then when you check their last 5 games its always Barca,Inter,Brazil or Chelski. I mean i could take it if they were Scunthorpe fans or summat but come on.
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5 November 2006
People who say "it's you lagging" when your sat with a 10 meg line
and it's their host.
Most non uk players in general because it's usually laggyish.
People who choose inter barca brazil real madrid and chelsea
<<---- rivaldo playacting again "cringe"
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Yeah arjen but lag could be to blame for their loss, of course sometimes it is just an excuse.

I hate:
People who have the "gamer" approach (cutbacks/bug exploits/not Playing realistic football)
Players who always have top teams
People who lag (intentionally or not)
People who go "GOALLLLLL!!!" when they score or "YESSSS!" when they win
Any foreigners in the English server (or in the country for that matter :p)
Any kind of cheater
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