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PES 2008, new screens (x360)


4 August 2004

well, here they are. It seems that nations got real kits (brazil & portugal)


The Edit mode will be back in this version called "PES 2008 : Pro evolution soccer"
A new system called "Teamvision" will make AI react differently depending on what you do. And it will be able to learn mistakes.
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9 June 2003
Blackburn, UK
Source CVG.Com:

PES 2008 will be out in Autumn 2007, first on PS3, with Xbox 360, PS2, PSP, DS and PC versions to follow (exact dates are yet to be confirmed).


Yeh I read that kamy. Hopefully they won't wait 2 extra months or something stupid like that. Why would they want the PS3 players to get it first?
Hopefully they will give PS3 owners a rushed version with no edit mode to compensate for the shoddy PES6 us 360 owners got this year!


29 November 2005
Is it really going to be called PES 2008 or is that just the US title?

I know it doesn't make much of a difference but personally I prefer PES 7..

Nice screens by the way, and good to see edit mode and a lot of new features being implimented into the next gen versions.

Portugal and Brazil licences are also very handy and most welcome.

I hope Konami really try to put some other leagues in but I can't really see them doing it, I mean they already have the J-League licence why not put it in?? Surely the J-League is just as handy as the K-League licence in FIFA games..

Konami must think no would want to use Japanese clubs or something. I know I wouldn't mind having a go with Urawa Red Diamonds or Gamba Osaka though.

Other licencing wishes:
*Boca & River Plate licences
*More Turkish Clubs esp. Fener
*More EPL licences if they can somehow pull it off.. (doubt it though)
*China just to be included lol, and any other national teams they have forgotten.
*Official league's to get official second divisions
*Another German club.

I know most of these have been brought up before but I really think that there is no excuses for Konami now since they have so much more space on the next gen game disks. (They could even add teams that they don't get official licences for and just change the names strips etc..)
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15 March 2004
According to the press release it will come out on PS3 FIRST, and then on all other formats.

Defenitly not.. If you read the press release carefully, it says its realeased for the first time on Playstation3, and for the second time on the 360.. Probably misinterpitaded the pressrelease..

keano 16

whats the guy with the microphones all about? that looks pretty cool


Must be some kind of press conference like im ML or something. Nice idea if that turns out to be true.


F1GG13: Play.com is saying Fifa 08 out on 28/09/2007 and PES2008 out on 26/10/2007.

keano 16

has anyone seen these screens with the stadia editing mode - surely thats fake?

jona cooper

2 July 2007
cant wait for this to come out but might have to get fifa08 aswell beacuse of the licenced teams and al that but i like pro evo for the gameplay


League 2
10 June 2002
Lymington, UK
Is it really going to be called PES 2008 or is that just the US title?

I know it doesn't make much of a difference but personally I prefer PES 7..


Yeah mate. Like when they abandoned ISS Konami are saying its not just an update but a whole new game. Designed from scratch for Next Gen.
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