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PES Series



I'm interested in how other people would place the 5 games in order of how good they are.

My order would be...

1. PES 5
2. PES 3
3. PES 4
4. PES 2
5. PES

what do you guys think?

oohh and also if you want to chat/reminisce about the pes series you could do that in here as well.
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hmm good question and one i cant decide on as i enjoy them all so here is my order

1. any proevo/winning eleven game
last place. any fifa game

i actually found my old super nintendo the other day and played a game of international superstar soccer - which is still better than the most current fifa title


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I am in a minority whereby I didn't like PES3!

Going back further, I still have ISS Pro Evo 2 on PSOne, which I dig out every now and again for a match. I still think its gameplay is sublime and was well ahead of its time when it was released.
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