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PES2007 Crashes after installing a patch


5 July 2006
Houston, TX
Ok I am in big need of some help, please...

Here is what I have done and I will try to be very detailed:
1. Installed, [PC]Evolution Patch 1.3 RELEASED (by Superpatch 4 staff)

2. Converted the PES6 OF ---> to ---> WE:PES2007 OF (it works, I tested the conversion before installing the patch.

3. Game crashes as it is trying to load the game and says...
"WE2007.exe has encountered a problem and is shutting down"!

What I think has happened is that during the installation I messed up some where around the Kitsever 6.5.1...
Please Help I am in need bad

Thanks & Cheers
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