pes4 online


12 February 2005
The Hoops
ive heard that u cant get online with a chipped xbox as it wipes it or something so i was thinking about get a new one just for pro online but what is it i need to get (a xbox live kit?) i dont know really anything about it so could someone tell me please


18 March 2003
It is not impossible to get online with a chipped xbox, but it's constantly changing and people claim they got banned while it still works fine for others... so to be safe, it's better to get a separate xbox for playing online indeed.

PES4 is not that good on XBox Live, but I'm quite sure PES5 will be improved. You need a subscription to Live, usually you buy a starter kit so the first year is already paid and you get a headset with it. However, to verify your account, you still need a valid credit card (or a working debit card).
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