pes5 Beta/Retail differences and patches


9 June 2003
Hi everybody ive looked through a few posts regarding the differences between the beta of pes 5 and the retail i will have the retail version myself tomorrow but wont be able to play it till monday.
Please could somebody post all the differences between the 2 and will patches made for the beta work with the retail ?.
All ive seen in a few posts is a few new faces and the crowd is still missing pitch side are these the only things or is game play different ?.
Thanks for any replys
7 August 2004
posted in pes5 discussion:

Here a quick review with we9/pes5beta/pes5retail

We9: improved animation, terrible pitches
Pes5B: same
Pes5R: Same

We9: usual with nipponchallenge
Pes5B: usual without nippon challenge or euro version
Pes5R: same

We9: deep sitting defense with deep sitting midfield, slow dribbling speed, slow turning circle, great shooting, slow passing
Pes5B: defense pushes up slightly, midfield pushes up far more, faster dribbling, faster turning circle, great shooting, faster passing
Pes5R: defense and midfield same as pes5B, even faster dribbling ( more responsive), faster turning circles, great shooting, even faster passing. Game seems to be going back to pes4 speed compared to we9.

Final impression:
Because passing,shooting,dribbling,ect are faster and/or more responsive it has made the game easier. To compare the difficulty i have left we9 out because of the learning curve when i first got the game. A better comparison is beta v retail. 5* beta was still a decent challenge and i handnt gone up to 6* yet. Played a 5* match with england against colombia ( started konami cup to compare actual challenge instead of friendly) and pissed all over them really. 4-0 and i wasnt really trying. yet with we9 it would have probably been 1-0 or 0-0, with beta it would have been 2-0 or 1-0. The extra sharpness in control has added speed to the game and for the skilled players has made it that much more easier


25 May 2005
Are there any new player models and stuff like that which wasn't in the beta but are in the retail?
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