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PES5 Freezing on start-up?!


18 July 2005
Hey people,

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could help me with this problem. It started a few weeks ago and I can't work out what to do!!

Basically everything was working fine (I had superpatch 2.0 installed) until one morning I load up the game and it gets to the 'Option file loading' screen. I get the loading bar but as soon as that dissapears it freezes and just has a box in the top left that says 'Load Option File' and will go no further!

I've tried unistalling and reinstalling a couple of times but always with the same result. I've also deleted the optyion file but the same thing happens.

Please help!! I haven't been able to play this great game for weeks now and it's driving me crazy.

Thanks in advance
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