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PES5- max drive / memcard problem

el antilope

19 August 2006
hi all,

i have this situation:

memorycard: - option file
- new replays
- ML save
- ( GT4 save )
max drive: - old replays

My memorycard was full, so i decided to MOVE my new replays to the max drive, which worked fine (new replays were added onto the maxdrive)
The problem arose when i tried to play PES5: not only my replays were gone, also my option file and ML save couldn't be found anymore.

The option file and ML save are not on the max drive, but still on the memcard: the memcard indicates 6811kb data used (so the data must be still up there), but doesn't find any file!

Is there any way to have my memcard recognise the data?

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