PES5 Superpatch 4.0: 0_TEXT

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24 June 2008
Most of the links and mirrors are dead.

uniform server not working.

stadiums server not working.

face server not working.

hair server not working.

ball server works but don't know for how long.

0_text not working.

0_sound not working.

e_sound not working.

e_text not working.

Next time create an acount by filefront otherwise you files will deleted again. Or try rapidshare.

I need this files to pimp my Pes5. Please reupload again. :WORSHIP:


14 December 2006
can some kind soul please upload superpatch 4.0 or at least GDB again??

You have to go back to pes5 don't you? :Y

Thanks in advance


4 December 2005
Essen, Germany
I still have all files of superpatch 4, plus the new optionfile with almost all recent transfers, I will upload them in the next days if you are interested.


8 January 2004
Ukraine, Kyiv
Obolon, Kyiv
Montana, thanks for the files!
Unfortunately, I couldn’t manage to d/l option file :(
I got a massage: This file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector's Account, and can therefore only be downloaded 10 times.
This limit is reached.
To download this file, the uploader either needs to transfer this file into his/her Collector's Account, or upload the file again. The file can later be moved to a Collector's Account. The uploader just needs to click the delete link of the file to get further information.

Would u be so pleased to re-upload it?


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14 August 2007
Real Madrid
Does anyone still has e_sound from this patch ?
If I am not mistaken it had great goal sound on it(fans screaming when goal is scored).
If someone has it I beg you to upload it once again,as PES 5 is only thing left that is reasonable to play...


3 July 2009
Tilburg, the Netherlands
Willem II
Hi guys
I am new on this forum, it took me some time to find a website or forum about PES5. This is still the best soccer game in my opinion. I would be very happy if the stadiums could be uploaded. Thanks in advance and looking forward to your replies.

Best regards,



4 December 2005
Essen, Germany
Here the 0_Sound for SP3 and SP4, the e_sound for SP3 and the g_sound for SP4 (couldn´t find e_sound for SP4, doesn´t matter if g_sound or e_sound, if you turn off commentator). Furthermore I added a nice option file editor for PES5, PES fan editor 5.08. Have fun ;)

g_sound SP4

e_sound SP3

0_sound SP3

0_sound SP4

PES Fan editor 5.08


7 July 2009
Sure thing,

here the link again,

If something doesn´t work just tell me. I also have all stadiums listed above by mike, anybody interested ?
my friend, the link is dead again.
i think a lot of people like this file (as I do), but a free rapidshare uploaded file can only be downloaded 10 times.

Would you be so kind to upload it again? I promise to make a rapidshare mirror (i have premium account) of it and all the other files you uploaded.

Thanks very much.

edit: btw, why does this file says its PART1, but there's no other links to other parts?
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3 July 2009
Tilburg, the Netherlands
Willem II
Hi guys,

This has not directly to do with the superpatch, but it has to do with PES5 and maybe one of you guys could help me out here!


Maybe I am wrong (getting older), I thought this patch was made for PES5. I did some research and I downloaded this patch. The patch I found is compatible with PES6.
So maybe you guys know if there's a PES5 version around?

At the other hand, I remember I used a small converter program similar to SSfix06. This tool converted PES6 to PES5 stadiums. I can only found this program was made by (PES6 to PES5 Stadium converter tool by enduro & liberostelios)

Maybe some of you could give some info! Thanks in advance!

All the best. :))

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