PES6 GFX & GamePlay Question.


15 August 2005
Hi there,
Im running PES6 on Vista and the gameplay is always a bit slow when i play a game but when i go into training then it feels just like playing on the PS2.

Anywho i would like to know if it is possible to start vista with just basic drivers to run PES6 etc. I have to close about 10things off manually like Windows Mail and Media Player along with my antivirus and this takes time.

Also there is background services which are running and these can be a pain.

I have a core duo processor 1.86GHz and don't know how to get the best out of it (Click the link below to see my full system specs). Any advice on this would be nice.

I am using Evo Patch 1.3 which is cool but some players (i.e Carragher) have bald heads when you play but on the raplays he looks fine.

Finally why isn't there an app that lets you load your pc with minimal drivers needed to run a game. It would make a fortune if developed. Ie. When you hit F12 when your pc starts it should say safe mode and GAME MODE!


P.S Here is the specs for my laptop.
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