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PES6 on PSP - First Impressions! Scan Inside!



Heres the PSP scan from the PSM3 feature.

Looking fantastic, huge improvement over PES5 on PSP.

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3 December 2001
Alas no, but the better camera has now been mentioned in the two reviews I've seen, so here's hoping. :)

Also, looks like the ability to move your master league from PSP to PS2 to PSP is finally here!!! \\:o/


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23 June 2003
Also, looks like the ability to move your master league from PSP to PS2 to PSP is finally here!!!
...I sure hope that it is present indeed and that it is not just review hype... That was something I had been longing for quite a while... But one of the latter Seabass interviews lead me to believe that they were not going to pursue that objective, mainly because of the XBox360 version requiring a whole lot of effort from the team...

If this feature makes it, Konami deserves all compliments they can get - the PS2 vs PC online games, and the PSP to PS2 Master League import... Those are two major features for this version! :)

[EDIT]: Oh, and by the way, the official release date appears to be November, 8th, according to the company that distributes the game here in Portugal.
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26 March 2003
No infrastructre mode! What a bunch of bullshit! Great, so now if I ever happen to be in the same area as another PES-PSP player (here in the States) and he happens to have his game on, I may get a match wirelessly. Note that this basically means I'll never be able to use my PSP for wireless PES action.

Good to know that Konami is now officially 2 full years behind the times.
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