PES6 Spectator mode?


16 February 2005
You have to be present in the room before the game starts then on the menu it gives you the option to view the match. If the game already started you can not watch it.


Champions League
16 April 2002
Basically you watch the game. You can flip angles and make comments as the game is being played.

Tried it once, and its ok, but I'd rather be playing it to be honest.

Might be good for competitions, where you can see how your opponent plays. Also may sort out the lag cheats in competitions as each game could be observed by someone.


23 January 2005
Wah, it's pretty cool. Can we watch the opposition play in say their matches say Champions league in which we are also competing in? Or is it we can only watch the game my team is playing in?

Is it in PS2 and PC as well?


League 2
25 October 2002
AFC Ajax
I watched 1 game, pretty cool, but after a while you want to play again, its just as at home as 2 mates are playing, half way you wanna join in.

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