PES6 TO DEBUT AT E3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Konami has announced that Pro Evolution Soccer 6 will debut at E3 - the first time in the series' history it will have done so.

Creator Shingo "Seabass" Takatsuka remains at the helm, and will be visiting E3 with the game to promote it. "This marks my first trip to E3 and I am greatly looking forward to this chance to expand the game’s amazing popularity to a wider, global level," he says.

Konami's keeping quiet for now about what's changed in PES6 - which is likely to appear on PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, PC and PSP - but has said to expect new moves, licensed clubs and gameplay modes, some of which will be unveiled during the show, which takes place between May 10th and 12th. A PlayStation 3 unveiling wouldn't be totally unbelievable either.

Incidentally, Konami may not be saying much about PES6 specifically, but it's a safe bet that many of the features touted in the Japanese Winning Eleven 10 title - released this week - will make it in. You can read more about WE10 in our previous coverage, with more PES coverage due during E3.


This time I did not make up the information.
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2 August 2004
What I want to know is release date. Most likely it'll come at its usual date but I was hoping since WE10 came early this year maybe just maybe PES6 would too.


23 April 2006
Do things even change in PES 6 from WE 1O, etc players stats, and who is covering PES 6. I think the relase date is still 27/10/2006 but i may be wrong


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21 February 2003
I can tell you already thats its more than likely only screenshots of Next Gen.

So we may get a few renders...woooo, excitement.......not. :)


If PES6 debuts on E3 which takes place between May 10th and 12th, we can count on it appearing in a few weeks following that date. Or am I being too optimistic?


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ok, ignore me! Click the link within my link it and you'll see I'm a mug!

I'm too hopeful!
:D You idiot ! :applause:


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7 August 2004
Beardymagic said:
ok, ignore me! Click the link within my link it and you'll see I'm a mug!

I'm too hopeful!
Me too mate,damn Gibb.

I thought we were getting the spl for a moment :(


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5 August 2005
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i am suprised that it wasnt announced on PS3 when there is one in the works.


6 August 2003
That's really strange... next PES out in january 2007 and not available on the PS3?
Are they making a special PS3 version? Why not having the same for the Xbox360 and PC?

Maybe this is the US version (meaning the european will be out sooner), but it's still strange why it won't be available on the PS3.
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19 February 2003
Could someone copy and paste MaseratiNL's Konami press release? I'm at work so can't view it. Thanks


6 August 2003
Maybe "Pro Evolution Soccer 6" and "Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007" are 2 different games, and games/news sites got confused by the latest announcements.

PES6 would be released earlier (end of summer?), and that's why it's not for the PS3. It would "just" be an evolution of PES5 WE9/10...
And WE:PES 2007 would be the true next-gen game, it would be out later (2007) with much better graphics and other "huge" improvements.

Just guessing...
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