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PES6 tournaments in IRELAND ?


been there done that
10 November 2003
hi, i live in ireland for a time, so i'd like to check skillz of irish lads in some tournaments.
Does anyone know where can i get infotmation (like time and place, conditions, etc) about them?

i'll apriciate any helpfull answers :)

ps. sorry if its in wrong place...


League 2
3 May 2004
For PC?

I ran some for Ps2 in a pub (over 18s) in dublin in aid of St Pats, Cork City also ran one. Theres an irish PES forum http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/forumdisplay.php?f=502 we have a group called boards for PC and PS2 players atm we have a few spaces .

The Xbox thing was ran last year may be on again but its on xbox only.

The PES rankings site also has some listed for ireland never played in them tho. http://www.pesrankings.com/



been there done that
10 November 2003
thanks a million, this is what i was lookin for :D

i live in Galway thou, but i still can make a trip for a weekend or take off in case of somthing bigger pops up.


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