Pes6 Vista & 3d Analyzer


League 1
28 November 2005
Got Vista basic on pc but 3d analyzer dosent seem work well with it anymore since XP.When playing game with 3d analyzer being used it slow me game down consideriably.However when i launch game without this program everything works at a better speed.I also use kitserver but enabled the t n l bit in this but it dosent make any difference.So any of you guys no if a new 3d analyser will come out to support Vista.Otherwise im gunna have to ditch pes6 on this laptop and revert to desktop with a much better Ati Radeon X1300 Card.

I relise its the balls which make the game crash.But how are these balls in kitserver different to those in game (which dont crash)


4 October 2006
Manchester United
I know its late but can somebody answer this question for us?..and a solution for a ball pack that we can use ?
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