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PES6 Xbox Live Issue



Im having a problem with the game, I start my Xbox and it automatically signs me into my gamer profile, which is also my Live Gamertag.

I can see this on the Xbox Dashboard, Im logged into my live account and can view marketplace, friend lsit etc . . . Put Pro evo in and it loads up, I get to the menu screen where it asks me to press start, I press start and receive this message : "As you are not signed into your gamer profie, all data cannot be saved or loaded"

Strange, So i continue by pressing A then press the Xbox Guide button, to relog into my profile from there. It says "Sign In: 1 Profile Found" so I go in there and my gamertag/profile is greyed out !! I cant select it.

Try Xbox Live section of the menu and get "As you are not signed into Xbox Live, this mode cannot be selected".

At first I thought ok the game aint supposed to be out till Friday so perhaps the lobby aint up and running yet . . But nope, my mates playing on live right now.

Anyone got any ideas as to wtfs happening here?
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