Playing patched versions of PES/WE on PS3....


League 2
5 October 2003
This may not be the right forum but my focus is on PES/WE so apologies if that's the case.

As many of you are probably aware there has been many muted "PS3 Loaders" which claim when they are available will be able to load games from HD etc.

Now without getting into the legal side of backup games it's certainly an interesting prospect for those of us who patch our games.

The latest "loader" that has popped up appears to be "ferrox 1.0" and appears to be available in all the usual torrent places.

It is claimed that by installing it as "other os" from a memory stick or similar that it can be used to load iso's.

The details are sketchy and no information is readily available as to whether this will load ps3 only or ps1/ps2 games also.

Simply does anyone know anything about this and/or used it?

Obviously it has to be said that it could be hoax, unfortunately I don't have a memory stick or any blank cd's so I've no idea.
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