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Pro Evolution Soccer 5 - worth buying?


Pro Evolution Soccer

I might buy PES 5 tomorrow, but I have a few questions first.

1. Is PES 5 much harder than PES 4?

2. Except for new teams and features, is PES 5 better than 4 in other

3. PES 4 is cheaper - so should I buy that game instead?

By the way, I've never played a PES game before - only crappy FIFA.
Thanks in advance.


1. PES5 is a lot harder than 4
2. There isn't a lot of new teams and features but the gameplay is a lot better but REALLY hard at first.
3. since you've never played pes before and pes5 is really hard to get into at first cos of the ref blowing his whistle all the time, I'd get pes4 if i were you.


Silent Assassin
1 October 2003
Manchester United
This game is not worth buying, trust me. Thats why no one here has it or talks about it. ;)


Champions League
23 October 2004
Liverpool FC
RuneEdge said:
This game is not worth buying, trust me. Thats why no one here has it or talks about it. ;)
Sarcasm, my friend?:lol: Which versions do you have?


Essex Elite
30 September 2005
West Ham Utd
does ne one know what its like with the back compatability on the 360...thinking of trading a few games in and getting it on the xbox...due to my ps2 exploding!


13 December 2002
Everton fc
works well on 360 if you have the hard disk and live to download the update to enable it to work


21 March 2004
Man Utd
How do you know he is Indian?

Anyway, buy it. I have it on PS2 and PC, but never played it much, WE9 was better for me IMHO.
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