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Pro Evolution Soccer Unleashed BACK!


19 November 2006

I am not sure but most guys out there may have heard of Pro Evolution Soccer Unleashed, but for people who have not heard from us, we are site that is supporting Xbox on their live cabability to increase the number of players of pro evolution soccer 6.

Web site address: www.proevolive.co.uk

We are now looking for players that are interested in playing matches and would like to play games without getting another user quiting. We have loads of cup in between league matches to keep members going for a long time!!

If you are ineterested, please register on the forum>general discussions and follow the instructions how to register.

We hope we have given enough information you would require, but any other questions you maybe in doubt please contact us on introlux@hotmail.com

Once again thank you for taking your time to read this post.

Webmaster of www.proevolive.co.uk
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