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Problem in WE:I9 (can't explain in couple words)


26 February 2006
hello ..
i'm playing in WE:I9 with SP3 and an stadium pack that i was playing with in PES 5 and with the option file of SP3..
Since i have the game something like a month + - i'm playing with this patchs and also the new kitserver 5.1 and it all works fine ..
Yesterday the game start to crash when in every action i did it stucked and then my computer also stucked and i needed to restart him..
I replaced my option file and EXE file with the orignals ones and the game is working perfectly ..
Today i replaced the original option file with my last one (SP3's) and still like in the original one there is no licenses and Man Utd is Man Red and the primiership is English league..
What should i do to change it ?
Thanks in advance :)
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