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PS2 games online on PS3


8 August 2005
I posted this thread otn the playstaion website got a little feedback but had a feeling you guys here might be able to help a bit more. Basically all i want it for really is playing pro evo 6.

This Is What I said Please Help Me.

""I have had enough of looking about for some answers so i have decided to post a thread and find out an answer once and for all.

I had a PS2 but never played online with it not once. However now i have a ps3 and know i can play online cos i have played motorstorm COD:3 etc.

I want to know how or if its possible to play your PS2 games online trough your PS3 when i never had a network through my PS2. I hear that you need a network setup by doing it through your ps2 but oi have no disc or game that supports this is there nay other way this can be done.

(Im dying to kick some arse on PES6.)

Cheers For Time.

Mark Mac""
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