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PS2 PES6 Tournament (psnetwork)


26 October 2004
Hello Pes Fans,

For i begin with explaning the tournament. I will introduce myself, I am Roy (aka) 'psvmaster'. I am a huge pes fan and i play it a couple of times in a week. Now we come to the point, I organize a tournament on the ps2 pes6 version on ps network.
Do you think you can beat the biggest players online than sign up now for this fantastic tournament. How here are the details.

Fee: It's Free (psnetwork)
Teams: Clubteams (32 in total)
Qualification round for tournament: 8 groups of 4 teams, the first 2 leaders are go trough after 3 matches.
Final Tournament: 4 groups of 4 teams.
Playing dates: yes
Teams you can choose: every single clubteam in the game of your choice.
Website: In construction

If you are intrested in playing in this tournament sign up here in the forum or sent me a mail; kingroy0019@hotmail.com

So come on and take this as a huge challenge.

Greetings and good luck!
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