PS2 to USB Controller Problem


League 2
2 May 2006
Right, I have installed my PS2 to USB controller convertor on to my new computer. When I use it the buttons are all messed up (eg when I press the 'START' button it plays a through ball). But when I try to change it in the PES button configuration, I can't put them right because certain things cannot be made to be certain buttons.
Any suggestions please? :)


I'm assuming that is the Joytech PS2-USB converter from In settings it should have 'Dual PSX-USB Adaptor' two times, try both to see which one the pad is in. Also, I would not recommend installing the drivers as XP automatically detects the PS2-USB converter anyway.


24 August 2006
Northern Ireland Belfast
i use a converter. probably the same 1 u have. just go 2 options then confid, ull see it keyboard but change it 2 usb joypad. lick on the button on the controller show on screen then press the button u want it 2 be on the controller.
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