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puma in WE2007?


4 August 2004
Juve, MU
not sure if this has been pointed out already but i was watching a trailer for WE2007 for 360 and saw this.

notice the puma ball.


3 February 2003
In that trailer on that relpay you can also see someone wearing a pair of white Puma Boots, sorry cant print screen


25 April 2002
Centreville, VA (USA)

Any chance you'll make a patch for PES6 US version?

If you are, I will buy the game, if not, I won't bother. My cousins and I still have a blast playing your WE8FE patch copy.

WEJLeague on the other hand, if it's better than PES6 and you decide to patch that one instead. Then I will go for this version.


4 August 2004
Juve, MU
reebok is part of adidas and i doubt konami is stupid enough to drop adidas. so as long as adidas is in the game, reebok will too.


League 2
16 February 2004
Unfortunately they will probably drop the Reebok balls and boots, like when addidas used to change to umbro between WE and PES.
i sure hope reebok is dropped (at least temporarily) - i hate how in pes6 reebok is all over it. it ruins the game with its unrealistic equipment (i.e. the balls which you would never actually see in a real game)
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