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Question(PS2): Can NTSC players play PAL players online?



Hey guys, i'm new here. 16 year old goalkeeper from Canada :D. Curious as to know if us North American players can play European players online? I know they had it in fifa 05, which sucked hard. It's cool to play guys from all over the world, but it would be a 100 times cooler if it was on WE9 opposed to Fifa. I played WE9 for the first time last night at a buddies house and was hooked!

Thanks for the help.


edit: Other question, what country teams are in the game?
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21 February 2003
No, unfortunately you can only play people from your own region, so for you it will be other Canadians and the rest of the American continent.

There are all the big countries and most of the smaller countries in the game, too many to list but not enough for everyone to be happy. It's always the way. :)
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