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Lotte Marines, Nippon#1!!
26 May 2005

in we8Le, there are 5 different types to choose for the long pass setting.

can someone pls explain what the differences are between type 1, 2, 3 4 and 5?

i know type 1 3 4 are auto and 2 5 are manual, but what is the difference that distinguish each?

thx very much
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Ninja Samurai
2 February 2003
London, UK
Manual means that you have control over where the ball goes, Auto kinda selects the target for you.
And a couple of them (4/5?) mean that you have to use L1+O to cross the ball otherwise the player will chip it straight ahead of him and off the pitch.
Basically it's combinations of the 2 above ideas. Gives you more control over where the ball goes but it takes practice to gain any advantage.

I think Auto is bad because when I am trying to play a long ball from my LMF to my RW, sometimes it decides to pass to the RB instead, despite the fact that he is nowhere near the RW. Which can get you in trouble sometimes.

Try each passing mode in Training and you can see the difference yourself.
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