Quitting PES5


23 March 2005
Barça, Arsenal, Ajax
The controls are worst than ever. Very unresponsive. I doubt there is a game in the market with worst responsiveness than PES5 for PC.

The movement of the players has reached hilarious moments. The railed movement of players, even when you are moving your selected player, is pathetic. Something must be done, if not revamped completely, because most of the times your player is running stupidly.

The AI is less than poor. Defenders go away of the ball, defenders go away of the strikers. Sidebacks are always in another position, you never know why. Even if you assign them man marking, defensive arrows and no offensive arrows.

You can dribble the goalkeeper outside the area just to find that the goalkeeper runs faster than your striker and recovers the ball. When it's necessary, the ball or a player can trespass another player, so there's no consistency in the physics and collision system.

Shooting is really a matter of luck. When being 1 vs 1 with the goalkeeper, often you find that your player won't score because the shot goes to the wrong direction or he shoots inches wide to an empty net without any reason.

They have completely destroyed supercancel (:r1: +:r2: ), when you try to activate it your player suddenly stops before moving, or freezes. That is annoying me a lot, I was a master of this movement in Pes4 and now is of little use compared to previous installments.

In free kicks, defenders are ruined because of a serious L1 issue (you are automatically changed the player selected when the ball is kicked and L1 takes more than a sec to select another apropiate player, often a farther player that can't reach the ball).

All this turns to a joke when you play online. I have a very good connection with lots of upload and a very very low ping, so always my opponents can play very well. When they host their half of the match, I can't barely make 6 consecutive passes or shoot accurately. Last year I could play Lan with my mates. Now we can't (we're behind a NAT lan so we can't play online and now, thanks to konami, we can't play direct IP).

The PC version is clearly worst than PS2 in terms of control, performance and responsiveness. So... is there any reason I should buy this game next year for PC????


11 November 2001
Actually I'd agree with it being worse in terms of control, although responsiveness surely comes under that anyway? Performance is a different matter. It runs smoother and looks much better, so I disagree here.


I can understand why people feel the need to rant at pes 5. I play it, but having played every version (except for the jap winning elevens) of the game since ISS on the snes, this has to be the worst release yet. They have taken away the enjoyment of the game.


League 2
4 July 2004
I find controls frustrating as well, that sharp little jab of the pass button you may need at a vital time often doesnt register.

The blatant watching the ball run out of play before suddenly seeing youre player sprint over just to touch it in time is so bloody annoying its unreal.

The fouls are a farce but despite all that i still love it.

Imagine if they sorted that lot out :)


30 June 2005
all of you might aswell play fifa the way you moan you like your games too easy its harder and better simple it needs tweaks yes but for now its good better than pro evo 4 defo.


lol u guys are funny... This game gets better every year and with a decent pc it runs like a dream, much better then the PS2 version by miles and alot easier to edit the kits and players.
If ur annoyed by ur players running towards the ball just getting there intime to knock it out of play use the super cancel to stop them.
The refs are annoying but realistic.
U talk about ur strikers missing alot? u gotta remember that this game relies alot on the position of the player, which direction u press on the controller when shooting and how the ball is placed in the air or on the ground etc, if ur not set up right then it'll be alot harder to stick one in the back of the net which is REALISTIC! :P

Go back to Fifa :)


4 August 2003
Could this be a controller/ps2 controller coverter issue ?

I use a ps2 pad with a old liksang converter and its absolutelly identical to the ps2 evrsion to play - just better graphics at a higher resolution.


Silent Assassin
1 October 2003
Manchester United
cartman said:
I find controls frustrating as well, that sharp little jab of the pass button you may need at a vital time often doesnt register.
I think this is because of the PS2 to PC pad convertor. I now use a PC pad and this isnt a problem.

cartman said:
The blatant watching the ball run out of play before suddenly seeing youre player sprint over just to touch it in time is so bloody annoying its unreal.
I've had this problem since PES4 so nothing new for me here.
I thought this, but you get used to it.

If you really are thinking about quitting because of handling, why not download the PESFan editor.

In this you can change the attributes of all players at the same time, so you could increase all players technique and dribbling etc to make the game how you want it. You can even change all attributes for individual positions, so you could increase defence's AI to make the game harder or increase attackers speed to make the game more attack friendly

I would back up you option file first though


23 March 2005
Barça, Arsenal, Ajax
It's not a matter of difficulty, it's a matter of how the controls reflect in your moves. I'm still waiting for someone to agree on the horrid supercancel (your player will freeze or stop before being fully active) or the selection problems (you press L1 and instantly your new selected player does some steps forward, NO MATTER if you're not pressing a single key).

That is the kind of problems that weren't at WE8LE, for example.


League 1
12 October 2003
Groningen, Holland
True. Supercancel is horrible. And there are more flaws.

But that's no reason to quit the game because pes5 also has so many positive aspects. And the negative aspects do not outweigh the positive aspects.

But that's my opinion. If certain flaws make this game unplayable or unenjoyable to you than there is no one on this forum to tell you that you are wrong about the way you feel. I doubt that you will be able to enjoy any other available footy game though.


16 November 2005
I agree..the games more of a chore now..they have taken a big slice of the fun away..i gave away a penalty today...and i wasnt even controlling the player who gave it away (nor was i hold '0')..and also...i hate it when you're running to a lose ball..and the cursor switches player..when your original player was almost there...annoying to say the least.


League Two
24 April 2002
London, UK
I was exactly the same when PES4 came out. But came to love it in the end. I'm going to give PES5 a chance this time round.

Sure all the faults are there but after a while you forget about them once you discover all the NEW things they've added to the game.

I cannot do the R1 chip now though - used that to score many goals in PES4 dammit...


7 October 2003
i did not like the game when i got it and after a lot of games maily online i think i love this game more than my wife(well that's what she says). I could not defend for toffee at first and now i am winning 1-0 and keeping clean sheets and it is great. I don't think you can appreciate the game fully unless you play other people. Online football is great, now i don't need to spray deep heat on my nuts before each game.



1 January 2004
LOL u guys are pathetic. i bet all u people who hate pes5 are the same people that get beaten online 6:0 all the time............


actually you are the one who is pathetic jonneymendoza , cuz u think that only people who suck at the game don't like it, i can beat the hell out of you and i still dont like the game, cuz its ruined


17 November 2005
dazzajl said:
and with a decent pc it runs like a dream
I disagree - in fact it runs like a dream if you happen to have the exact same pc as konami ported it onto. any variations from that and it runs like a pensioner.


23 March 2005
Barça, Arsenal, Ajax
I loved the game. But the prob is that PES5 is NOT a step forward. It's only a tweaked pes4 with new animations. I would prefer them to work a better engine, with better physics and, most of all, some decent AI.

For those who say the opposite, I would greatly appreciate to answer why the hell:

1) Supercancel is a shit. A movement that should distinguish good players from just average. It's ruined. It freezes players. While doing it your player turns into a noob that can't get the ball if it passes nearby. You can only do supercancel in sprint mode. The CPU slows your player when you activate it. Supercancel=ruined.

2)Tactically, it has the EXACT same problems PES4 had. I mean, sidebacks are just not there. Never. Even if you do man mark. The defenders tend to go AWAY of the ball and opponents. You play alone, because of stupidity of your team members. More to come about it in point 5.

3) Movement and unresponsiveness: Most of the times, the CPU freezes a defender just to let the pass go by. Then, when the ball has passed, your player gets "activated" and can run. Generally, I find myself having to FIGHT against the controls to move where I want. I think they have automated far too many things and now everything feels just railed and more automatic (more scripted). I probably have more movements, tricks and things than before, but I don't feel I really control the players, because the unresponsiveness is atrocious.

4) Selecting players. L1 is worst than ever. It's lagging and most of the times chooses a wrong player.

5) General Stupidity: I can't understand the movement of my players. If you have a player selected, the other members of your team turn into zombies. You can even see a defender going away of a striker to nowhere. Generally, it's hilarious to see how they do all those strange movements.

6) No direct IP. Changing host at halftime should be optional. I have better connection than my opponents, so at the end when I'm host they play very well and then in second half I play poorly because of lag. Cable is far better and faster than DSL. Last year I played my friends being host smoothly. Now, we can't play perfect matches. I always have more lag than them. They should have thought of that.

7) Poor performance. As stated, konami does lousy ports to PC. That's annoying. I pay for a good product, not that crap.

Concluding, even if you master the game, you're not given the weapons to win your opponent most of the times because it's all too automated and AI is as poor as in previous versions. As the PS2 have a smoother control and better playability (oh god, having to say this!!!!!), I only play PS2 now, and only play pc to do some match with friends sometimes.

Don't think I'm bad at the PC game. I've won local trophies and have a 61% of wins after 140 matches online (only 25 lost). So please answer with interesting info.


1 January 2004
umm interesting but can u tell me a soccer game that blows away pro evo 5? fifa? LOL!!

yes pro evo has its flaws but nothing is perfect right? and telll me what game ebats pro evo 5? u think fifa is any better than this? come on gvie konami credit for making the most realistic footy game. theys et a trend in footy games that games like fifa are copying so please i know u expect pro 2 b perfect bt it aint but does dat mean u should diss it? all your negetive points are all aimed at AI and animation... to me their minor glitches...

a hughe glitch with a footy game that would make me quit playing it would be say for example teh shooting system, or the passing system or the way players dribble the ball. if those things where poor than thsoe can be catered has huge flaws in teh game. AI and animation aint that big of a deal TBH.
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