Random Crashing


League 2
15 September 2005
Hey guys. I've been getting random crashing in Pro Evo since PES4 and it's continued right into PES5. The crashing can happen at absolutely any time... during matches and in the menus. It always freezes, the sound stutters then my computer reboots. The crash always happens like this. Here's my specs:

Pentium4 3.2GHz
Nvidia Gefore 6600 GT
Windows XP

I have installed the latest Nvidia drivers and have my DirectX up to date. I use 3D-Analyze with the "force SW TnL" and "emulate HW TnL caps" on. It only works to a certain degree. Without it the game always crashes within 5 minutes, and with it I can get anything from 1 game to maybe 6 games on average before a crash. I only ever quit PES of my own accord about 5% of the time...

I have tried closing all unncessesary processes, but it makes no diffrence. I have disabled Game Enhancer in the BIOS and it made no difference. One problem I considered is that my Graphics card's temperature rises to between 70 and 80 degrees C when I'm playing it, so it could be an overheating problem. However, when I play Doom3, Quake4 or UT2004 the temperature rises to around 100 degrees, but the computer never crashes, even when I play for hours.

I am completely stumped. I haven't installed any patches of any sort either by the way. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks a million anyway.


That´s overheating dude. But some new coolers; use Zelman ones and you will have no 80/100 degrees anymore and no crashes.


Could be memory timings. Have you been overclocking? My PES5 was crashing constantly just as you described and so I went into BIOS and undid all the overclock I had done ... meaning lowered my proc back to default spec aswell as the memory timings and the game never crashed again.

Remember Konami did a direct port from the woeful PS2.
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