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rating, how do they work this out


League 2
22 December 2005
I find it very awkward how the rating works in pes6 online. For example, I just beat some guy with 5-0. I raise to 545.. He wants a rematch. I win with 4-0 this time. I go to 544 and he from 495 to 496..

so just because I scored 1 goal less he "wins" in terms of rating. Now what the hell is the logic in that :lol: it's ridicolous. When you win you should allways win rating points. So when you play somebody for a 2nd time and win only 1/2 of the win rating ok, and the 3rd time 1/3rd ..but LOSING points when you win 2 in a row from the same guy is ridicolous. What where the Konami guys doing when they invented this? I think they've had far too many blows to the head or sth.


Its actually a flaw on the online mode. If you want a rematch you need to exit and go back to match room then start from there again.

Otherwise if you play 2 or more in a row it counts as a draw regardless of the score.
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