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13 May 2003
Man Utd
Those who have had the opportunity to play pes5 can you please tell me if they have sorted the ratings out eg after the match on pes4 id regularly check my players ratings and noticed it wasnt possible to get 9 or 10 my brother got 8.5 and that was the highest personally ive never seen anything above 8, id score 4 goals for a striker or midfielder and get 7 i know its only a small part and wouldnt be too bothered if it was the same but if the rating matched the performance eg 4 goals for Roanldo (10 rating) then that would be class.


15 October 2002
Liverpool F. C
mytril said:
in pes5, i see veron make an assist and have 8.5

hate to appear cynical but you sure about that? Do you have the full version already? only reason i ask is cause my version (official demo one) doesn't have the ratings yet enabled :-k


The demo is only till half time so it won't have full ratings u fool!!


Stadium and SPL editor
20 August 2003
Carluke, Scotland
Dunno, if anyone has noticed but if you go to the ratings bit and goto a player who has scored or set up a goal, it give you a wee description of how he played
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