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Recommended Option File?


1 March 2005
Guys & Gals,

I need to know the best option file for me as I have happily got Stadiums & ball packs working through Kitserver but wantto be able to buy all items from shop especially players without earning them. I know I am lazy but also old and just want to play the odd game with the classic locked playes. I have tried Chimps but it doesn't seem to contain the a boot pack ie uses vanilla boots.

Thanks for your help
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League 2
22 July 2006
i m not too bothered about which is the best to be honest...i keep on changing ..just changed it as it compatible up with a kitserver pack...as long as it wont f**k up with gameplay.any thing is ok with me....most of them look the same anyways.


It depends what your after, I would rather play chimps OF and not have a boot pack as the game plays much better.

You can however have both if you download the OF, then have a look at the patches section and one of them (I think the K patch) has a boot and ball pack as one of its updates.

I have done this and also use the kitserver with it as I think the OF it uses is based on an OF that chimps modified.


how about u use pes trainer. u will able to gain 10000 point and be able to unlock alll of the item
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