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Reformated, reinstalled PES6 - now no Widescreen...

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22 March 2003
Just reformated my PC and then reinstalled PES 6.

Now, I can't set my PES6 resolution to what I used to have it on 1360x768 widesceen.

I'm just getting the standard 4:3 resolutions. My desktop is 1360x768.

Any ideas before I rip my eyballs out?!


Neil K

League 1
16 December 2005
I thought you could only set it to widescreen with kitserver installed? Try installing the latest kitserver.


8 December 2005
I had the same problem, but then I installed the newest drivers for my video card and the wideresolutions showed!

and if they don't there is a way to set any res. you want with kitserver, just check out the manual!
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