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Slowdown on a very good machine?


15 April 2003
I can't seem to figure out why I am getting slwodown. The game is lagging usually, and can sometimes worsen to more glitchiness.

I have a 7900GTX and my laptop's native resolution is 1920x1200 (16:10). I have been using kitserver6 (although there is setting within PES6 for 1920x1200) with 'Very High' quality plus have configured the nVidia cotnrol panel for a profile of PES6 which includes 16xAF, 8SxAA (changed it to 4x and improved the situation but still not enjoyable) and Trilinear etc. on. I have read posts here with people who have the Geforce6 range getting superb graphics and smoothness so I am wondering why it isn't eh case with a 7900GTX? I regulalrly defrag my HD and have no programs playing the background.

Any help appreciated.


League 1
18 June 2006
Pes6 have problems with notebooks but you can use a no dvd crack and that can help but you have to search for youself for it
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